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Clana Lims
About The Community Rules
Welcome to the first and only lims community dedicated to Clark/Lana. If you'd like to participate, you must sign up in the sign up post. 1. All prospective participants must Join the community. You don't have to watch the community but it's highly encouraged so you don't miss any important posts.
2. If you would like to participate, leave a comment in the sign up post with your username you'll be participating under as well as the phrase "Clana is Epic Love" somewhere in your comment. This lets me know you've read the rules.
3. Icons must be new and remain anonymous until the results are posted.
4. All icons must meet the lj standards. (40kb, 100x100)
5. You must enter every challenge unless you've been eliminated or have an extra skip. If you don't enter and have no skips left you will be disqualified.
6. All submissions should look like this...

Voting Timeline
1. Every week voting will take place. Because this is a LIMS contest you will be voting for your least favorite icons. Voters decide who gets eliminated for each challenge. It's very important that as many members vote as possible.
2. For each voting period, leave a comment in the post with the icons you want eliminated. All elimination votes must have valid reasons. Example of good reasons: icon is oversharpened, icon is blurry. Example of bad reasons: I hate the color pink. I don't like the font.
3. After a few days or so, voting will close and the results will be posted. The person with the most negative votes will then be eliminated and can no longer participate in the current round. The person with the most positive votes will receive "people's choice" and another will receive "mod's choice".
Sunday: New Challenge!
Tuesday/Thursday: Reminder will be posted.
Friday: Voting is posted.
Sunday: Results are posted.
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